BOE 15.6 Inch 30 Pins NV156FHM-N42 Laptop Screen
NV156FHM-N42 model
BOE 15.6 Inch 30 Pins NV156FHM-N42 Laptop Screen
NV156FHM-N42 model
NV156FHM-N42 Video

BOE 15.6 Inch 30 Pins NV156FHM-N42 Laptop Screen



【Item】15.6 Inch LCD Screen For Laptop


1. Wholesale ONLY, 35 pcs/box or 630 pcs/pallet. We will deliver without unpacking the original package.

2. Shipping fees need to be covered by buyers, please send a message to us to get order details.

3. Due to the market fluctuations, please CONTACT US for accurate latest price.

4. We reserve the right to reject orders that do not comply with our requirements.

【Parameter List】

Brand BOE
Model NV156FHM-N42
Diagonal Size 15.6 inch
Type a-Si TFT-LCD, LCM
Pixel Format 1920(RGB)×1080  [FHD]  141PPI
Configuration RGB Vertical Stripe
Active Area 344.16(H)×193.59(V) mm
Outline Dim. 359.5(H)×223.8(V) ×3.2(D) mm
Bezel Area -
Treatment Antiglare, Hard coating (3H)
Luminance 220 cd/m² (Typ.)
Contrast Ratio 800:1 (Typ.) (TM)
View Direction Symmetry
Response Time 30 (Typ.)(Tr+Td)
Viewing Angle 85/85/85/85 (Typ.)(CR≥10)
Operating Mode ADS, Normally Black, Transmissive
Support Color 262K   45% NTSC
Light Source WLED  [10S4P] , 15K hours , With LED Driver
Form Style Slim (PCBA Flat, T≤3.2mm)
Frame Rate 60Hz
Touch Panel Without
Interface Type eDP (2 Lanes) , eDP1.2 , HBR1 (2.7G/lane) , 30 pins Connector
Power Supply 3.3V (Typ.)
Environment Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 50 °C ; Storage Temperature: -20 ~ 60 °C



Panel Brand BOE  Panel Model NV156FHM-N42
Panel Size 15.6 inch Panel Type a-Si TFT-LCD, LCM
Resolution 1920(RGB)x1080 [FHD] 141PPI Pixel Format RGB Verial Stripe
Display Area 344.16(H)x193.59(V) mm Bezel Opening  -
Outline Size 220 cd/m2 (Typ.) Surface Antgiare, Hard coating (3H)
Brightness Symmetry Contrast Ratio 800:1 (Typ.) (TM)
Viewing Angle 85/85/85/85 (Typ.)(CR210) Display Mode ADS, Nomaly Black, Taisise
Best View on 262K 45% NTSC Response Time 30 (Typ.)(r+Td)
Display Colors Slim (PCBA Flat, Ts3.2mm) Lamp Type 1054P WLED, 15K hours, Wth LED Diver
Frequency 60Hz Touch Screen Without
Shape Style Slim (PCBA Flat, T≤3.2mm) Application Laptop
Signal Interface eDP (2 Lanes) , eDP1.2 , HBR1 (2.7G/lane) , 30 pins Connector
Input Voltage 3.3V (Typ.)
Environment Operating Temp.: 0 ~ 50 °C ; Storage Temp.: -20 ~ 60 °C


- LCD is fragile, please avoid striking.
- Please keep the LCD  screen in a dry environment.
- We could supply AD Boards if you need.
- Our company deals only in wholesale, not retail.


Motormeter, injection pump, ecg monitor, fetal heart monitor, ventilator, outdoor handheld tablet, GPS navigator, console instrument, kitchen appliances, floor panel, elevator panel, etc.

Industrial current field control display equipment, display device; electrical communication, network room host display screen; train, subway station, port display; car (train) car, subway, automobile display panel; enhance the level or military standard level display panel is generally used in the field environment, quartermaster, warships. File format loading of existing image maps on advertising equipment, elevators in living areas, public places, commercial office buildings, etc.

Nixie tube, CRT display, patient monitor


35 pcs/box, 630 pcs/pallet

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